Car Services
There are many options for purchasing cars in Australia including car dealerships, private sales and online market places such as;
Reviews and advice for car buying and ownership can be found on;
Requirements for buying and selling cars, obtaining a licence to drive and vehicle registration can vary between the various States and Territories, further information is available from;
Australian law requires all drivers to have Compulsory Third Party (CTP) Insurance, (also known a Greenslip insurance in NSW).
This insurance protects drivers from claims for injury and death of others caused by an accident.
In ACT, SA, WA, TAS and NT this insurance forms part of the vehicle registration. In QLD and NSW this is separate and drivers have the option of selecting their provider.
CTP does not cover repairs, property damage or injury to you which requires separate Comprehensive Cover to be arranged.
This type of cover is readily available in Australia and there are many providers such as;
Given the large market for insurance it is often more effective to compare insurance quotes using services such as;
Roadside Assistance services are also available from many insurance providers to cover the event of breakdown and emergencies.

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